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Here's our story: 

Around 2000, I was in prayer at our church in Faribault, MN and 
I felt Him say to me to "Ask for the heathen" according to Psalm 2:8
Ask of me, and I shall give [thee] the heathen [for] thine inheritance, 
and the uttermost parts of the earth [for] thy possession. 

I said, "Ok Lord, I'll ask for 100,000" thinking that was a lot. He then
said, "No, that's not enough, I don't have enough people asking." So, I said,
"OK, Lord I'll ask for 1 million." Right after I said that I was bombarded with
the thought of how crazy I was for asking for so many people - I didn't know how
to reach that many people. But, I committed it to the Lord and prayed. 

Several years later, around 2006, as I was going through a advanced leadership
training, our team went up on one of the peaks in Phoenix, Arizona and our
assignment was to write down what we felt we were to do for the next 10,
20+ years of our life.
As I was praying, I felt the Lord say, "Start 100+ Bible schools". 
Again, I thought, "I don't know how to start that many Bible Schools!"
So, I wrote down in my journal, "Start 100+ Bible schools". Again, I committed

it to the Lord and prayed. 

Pastor Tim and the CFC Churches had been working with the ministry of

Chosen Generation Hispanic Church, in Owatonna, MN for many years and had been

taking a mission team to Saltillo, Mexico where Pastor Jose Esquivel and his family are from.

The first few years were hard to breakthrough. The people were not very receptive.

It was like breaking up fallow ground. I started going with them, I think my first trip was in 2014. 

Each year, we would see more and more people saved. In 2015, we had held a

village crusade and no one was coming. We found out they had boycotted our meeting. 

We decided to go door-to-door and share Jesus with them. The first house we went

to the man said, "The village women are not in their homes, they are down at the

community room." We headed there and looked in. The room was filled with women.

Pastor Jose looked in and said something to the women. I peaked my head in and said "Hola!".

They told Pastor Jose, have her come and speak to us. I shared my testimony, and when

I asked who received Jesus, it looked as if they all had prayed to receive Jesus in their hearts.

There was around 18 women in the room that day.

After I got back home to Minnesota, I had a dream. I dreamed I had babies

that I couldn't feed. They were going hungry. I awoke and I knew it was about these women.

They were saved - but were not getting fed the Word of God and my heart was very grieved. 

I spoke to my husband about it and he said; "Why not use the International School

of Ministry?" We had used the video school for our 1st church in Faribault, MN and

it was a great blessing to us and to our church. Dave and I both graduated from ISOM.

We even raised up a couple within our church to become the pastors, so we could go

start another church in Phoenix. We had them go through ISOM, and they have

successfully been pastoring since then.

I called Pastor Jose and asked to meet with him about starting a Spanish Bible
school in their church in MN, and to see about starting ISOM in Mexico. I met with him,

Servando and Lilana Sanchez (who had been praying about a Spanish Bible School).

They were excited and started a ISOM school in the fall of 2015, and recently

graduated 47 students. Servando and Lilana are now overseeing the Mexico Bible schools too! 

June 2016, we took about 20 Spanish packets from ISOM down to Saltillo, Mexico

and met with about 20 pastors/leaders. (See photo below). From that meeting, within

one year we had over 300 students. 

One year later, June 2017, we had a pastor's breakfast in Saltillo with over 50

pastors and leaders. Many shared what has happened since they started the Bible

school in their church. One pastor said he has grown out of his building, and had

to move into a bigger one and is already growing out of that building! Many powerful

testimonies they shared. 

God also opened the doors for us to go to Monterrey, Mexico and hold another

pastor's breakfast with over 30 pastors and leaders. From those meeting we

now have 53 churches that are waiting to start with 800 students!

(See note below from Rosario - Mexico Coordinator and Promoter)

Pastor Javier is trying to do the Bible school with just the book, because

he doesn't have TV. Another woman pastor has been given the DVD's and books,

but is waiting for a TV to get started. 

We held our CFC World Mission conference this past week and from it I

shared the vision and "WHY START BIBLE SCHOOLS" and bearing fruit for the

Kingdom. Since that conference, we have more churches that want to get started

with schools. Willie Lumantas from the Philippines and his wife Lydia have asked to start.

They have students waiting. Willie told me he has about 125 pastors he knows,

as well as churches that he personally started that he and his wife Lydia said may

want to start too, when they learn about it!

It is costing us about $1000 to get one school in Mexico started with a TV, books,

miscellaneous DVD, USB, pens, etc and help with tuition for about 20 students,

for the five trimesters. We are believing for the money for the license for the

Philippines too. We also are believing for a printer that can print the books for

the school. God is doing a great work! We know that $65,000+ is nothing for the King and His Kingdom! 

I believe these Bible schools are the source that God is going to use to WIN 1

MILLION souls through the people He will raise up through ISOM!

One day we will all look Jesus in the eye - face to face and give an account for our

life and be rewarded - based on what we did for His Kingdom! My heart's desire

and what motivates me everyday is when I look into Jesus' eyes at the Judgement

Seat of Christ - that He will look at me and say, "...Well done, [thou] good and faithful

servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many

things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord." - Matthew 25:21 KJV

Pastor Linda Cross speaking at the World Mission's conference at CFC Edina.

She shares the vision for "How to be Effective" and "Why Start Bible Schools" in this video...

Here's the playlist for the videos I shared at our church on Sunday - the same

message I shared at the Mission conference - I shared the vision in more depth....

Our first pastor's meeting in Saltillo, Mexico to discuss if they were interested in starting school.....June 2016 

Second pastor's meetings....this is our first time in Monterrey....

Some of the names of pastors that want to get started....

Bible schools in small villages outside of Saltillo...

We held TWO Pastor's Breakfast's in JUNE is the 2nd one with over 50 pastors and leaders from Saltillo and outer villages. 2nd Pastor's breakfast held in Saltillo, Mexico...God moved mightily and opened many doors and many pastor's shared the great things that the Bible schools were doing for their church and their members.

This is the team of people who are carrying the vision into Mexico. Rosario, Olga and Maria live in Saltillo and are the administrators who make the books and carry the vision to the cities and villages in Mexico...all volunteers! They use their own cars and gas and time!
Servando and Lilianna Sanchez are the directors in MN for the Spanish church and they oversee the Spanish churches in Mexico, along with Rosario, Olga and Maria. 

​This lady pastor and her husband had someone come to their church a few months before we came and prophesied: "Someone is coming from the North to help you. 
Someone from the USA". We arrived with the ISOM books, TV and the videos for their church to start the school. 

This pastor has started school with books only...he doesn't have a TV yet.
He needs a TV to watch the lessons. 

​This woman pastor has DVD's but no TV...she wants to start too. 
Message from Rosario in Saltillo regarding the needs....

A mountain church outside of Saltillo, no running water....we gave them a TV.
Takes about one hour driving on bumpy dirt roads to get to this village.

Pastor Jose's church with Servando and Lilanna and 47 graduates....

​Video showing the ISOM videos being played at a church in Mexico on one of the TV's we gave them...

Other videos....


Pastors David & Linda Cross

P.S. Here's a letter from an anonymous donor who said the Lord had been after him to send us a donation for the Bible schools...he said "I know you are praying people" and sent $600. These are the kind of things that you know God hears and this is His heart's vision.